In app gaming is the new primetime



In-app Games 


Rewarded Videos & In-Game Ads


Non intrusive ads 


Games : Collaborating with the top largest gaming apps and gaming studios in the world
Cross-demographic – Mobile gaming is now among the most truly cross demographic activities
Engaged Audiences, Perform for Brands  : more relaxed, more interested, more focused and more engaged 
All in one  : Non intrusive, brand safe, immersive experiences (Vertical Video, Interactive Video, In-Game etc..), scalability and precision. 


In-app Scale


In-app Downloads & Installs


Intelligent & Dynamic preloads at scale


Scale : Collaborating with the top operators and app developers in the world
Cross-demographic – Personalized, Contextual Notifications with huge targeting and timing/triggers capabilities
Engaged Audiences, Perform for Brands  : more relaxed, more interested, more focused
Precision : Empowering Operators to twist clients into active users (Dynamic Preload, Setup Wizard, Notifications) with Intelligent preloads


Why advertisers trust in MOWO ?

  • ALL IN ONE :

    Multiple countries deal, direct access, 1 contact, 1 report, 1 invoice without extra costs


    Strong experienced team in tech, media and consultants with different specializations all over the world since 2014


    Pro-activity on short deadline and even with complex, multi-territory, multi-faceted and broad creative option


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